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Alex Love Weiss

Father of five amazing kids. He is a Published Author and Blogger, Web Designer, Graphics Designer, Artist, Construction Business Owner, Lighting Engineer, Design Build Electrical Engineer. He has his own patented Green Energy Solutions that have been used all over the world. He is an Ordained Minister, Motivational Speaker and Spiritual Teacher, Sound Healer, Energy Worker, has the Gift of Healing Touch and is the Founder and Developer of Resonating Love. He was also a professional musician for many years, plays a variety of instruments and sings, writes his own original music. He owned a Recording Studio. He is a recording engineer, music producer,  and live sound engineer.



I have been a member of the Resonating Love New Moon Yoga and Meditation Circle tribe for a little over a month and a half. I originally joined to take advantage of the tribes activities at Loudermilk Park beach. Since then, we now have a new location at Ft. Meyers Beach. I was actively “working” on myself to improve my life after living with the effects of PTSD and pain from wounds received in combat years ago. Even though I had successfully completed a career in business, I was always aware of the effect my service had on my career and personal life. I decided nearly three years ago that I was just not going to live my life on Veterans Administration prescription drugs I was taking for the rest of my life. There had to be a better way to live. I discovered spirituality, meditation, prayer again and yoga. All of these activities helped me to feel more of what real life had to offer I joined the tribe because I heard about the activities on Facebook. Since joining the activities, I have accelerated my spiritual growth and have opened to other modes of learning about spirituality. I have found the healing circle activity the most beneficial. I learn from others feedback while telling my story, and from others telling their stories. I would recommend the tribe to anyone interested in taking the opportunity to open up to others who are loving and supportive on your journey of growing.

~ Michael Bensing, Naples, FL

The Vibrational Sound Healing, Resonating Love event at MC Integrative Medicine was a fabulous success! Participants reported a multitude of benefits, I personally felt more clear, and the clinic felt more energized. Patients have asked when the next event is! Sven and Alex have a gift for healing and music as well as a heart for giving- a beautiful combination brought to life through the lovely fusion of unique, high vibrational healing sounds and music.

~ Dr. Melissa C. Verhagen,  Aurora, Illinois

I want to offer my deep gratitude for Alex and the Resonating Love group for their help with our nursing staff. We are often overwhelmed by the despair felt at work day after day by the residents. The techniques they have shown us have, and will continue to greatly improve the work atmosphere and has given us all a strong desire to serve our residents with more compassion.

~ Mary Ann Carpenter, Westmoreland Nursing Center

As a physical therapist and health practitioner for 24 years, I want to endorse the high quality of Healing Sounds, Resonating Love and their work with sound vibration as an avenue for healing. Their program affects the body and the mind in a transformational way.
The Resonating Love session connected our community to the power of sound and the vibration of love as a way to heal. Their program at our clinic was well attended and the participants really enjoyed it. They reported having profound and very positive experiences.

~ Lynn Batalden, Owner, Creative Therapeutics, DeKalb, Illinois

Honestly I was skeptical at first, but when Alex began the session I knew I was in for something interesting. I can truly say what unfolded is beyond me to describe. My wife insisted I try the experience and I am glad I did. I do not normally shed tears, but listening to the caring instruction Alex spoke gently to me while he was moving his hands around my body and playing the instruments actually set them loose! I have felt rejuvenated and refreshed in the days since!

~ John Radenslaaben, Elgin, IL