The Resonating Love Experience

The Resonating Love Experience

Relaxation, Healing, and Learning.

We promote the Revolution of The Heart, The Mind and The Body. We use new evolutionary strategies to improve your entire life. Our techniques are inspired by and sourced from ancient time-tested metaphysical practices and philosophies; with scientific proofs, and the highest principle of all – Love.

We offer private and group Sound Healing, Reiki, Meditation and Aromatherapy Sessions. We are on the cutting edge of Energy Healing Therapy.

This includes the use of many wonderful world instruments including but not limited to:

Crystal Singing Bowls
Crystal Harp
Crystal Triangles
Native American Flute
Chakra and Planetary Chimes
Chakra Tuning Forks
Gongs and Tibetan Singing Bowls
Hand Percussion
Ocean Drum and Rain Stick
Binaural Rhythms

This is a Shamanic Approach to Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual Healing

We have a beautiful safe sacred healing area set up for you relax and enjoy the meditative healing sessions.

We will utilize:

* Advanced Sound Healing
* Meditation
* Guided Meditation
* Shamanic Prayer and Incantation
* Reiki and other Energy healing
* Gentle Body Work (massage) (when applicable)
* Aroma Therapy with 100% Pure Essential Oils
* Crystal Healing Therapy
* Jade Energy BioMat

What to Expect:

– Due to the depth and complexity of what we do, a minimum of an hour is required.
– Some of what is done requires the clients cooperation
– Each session is tailored specifically for the client. This is not a cookie cutter process. You will receive personalized care for your needs.
– We do not “heal” conditions or symptoms. We offer a whole living approach to personal growth and wellness.
– Our intention is to help our clients achieve a state of meditative calm and relaxation, a place there they are open to growth and can begin to manifest the things in life they desire and require which can include balance, peace, physical relief from ailments, etc.
– The main thing is to come with an open mind, to learn, to relax, and experience the miracle of deeper connection to life force energy and the source of all love.

About Us:
Formally Ordained
Many years of experience with energy healing work
Many years of Personal, Spiritual, and Relational Counseling
Certified, Licensed and Insured for Yoga Instruction
BA in Social Work
We love the use of Essential oils for aromatherapy as well as using crystals for chakra balancing and healing work
Many years working as a professional Studio and Performance Musicians
Best Selling Author

We do large group settings, in home settings, private, and have done many sessions in Yoga Studios, Chiropractic Clinics, Large Events, Retirement Communities and Homes.

Costs Vary for large events and groups
Private Sessions are Donation Based:

Come share with us, come learn with us, come Resonate Love with us.

Change Your Life, Change Your World

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